IPA: What’s the Big Deal?

Happy Beer Blogging Friday! This month, Justin from his eponymous Brew Review wants beer bloggers to talk about the India Pale Ale, the best selling craft beer style, and have a crack at pinpointing why exactly it is so damn popular. “What is it about an IPA that makes craft beer enthusiasts (CBE) go wild?” asks Justin.

I’ve written about IPAs before, lending my two cents to the “Great Hop Debate” which briefly ignited after a now-infamous poorly written article suggested that “hoppy beers are awful.” I do think the popularity of IPAs is partially at the expense of other styles, a representation imbalance which often gives us many IPAs to choose from but only taken representation from some of the other styles.

But Justin doesn’t want to know whether the style’s popularity is a good thing or not, he wants to know how it got so popular in the first place. There are many valid answers, so it’s a good thing so many beer bloggers will be writing about this.

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