Why I Don’t Have a Problem with Brewdog Fishhead Conceptual Beers and Failed Experiments

We’ve all heard of Dogfish Head’s new Celest-jewel-ale, brewed with moon dust. Most of the responses to the news have been in the vein of “Why?” and “Gimmicky bullshit, I’m surprised its (sic) not Brew Dog doing it to be honest.” But the only thing that offends me about this beer is the name. Personally I think it’s cool that there are brewers having this kind of fun.

I am generally an all-malt drinker. I prefer my beers to adhere to the Reinheitsgebot, with some notable exceptions: Les Trois Mousquetaires Porter Baltique, my favourite beer brewed in Quebec, includes oats and wheat, and most Trappist beers are brewed with sugar. But the fact that I prefer true-to-style beers doesn’t make me contemptuous of conceptual beers and failed experiments.

Dogfish Head and BrewDog’s core lineups include some of the most well-loved IPAs in the world. With their year-round beers firmly established, it’s a good time for them to brew some truly weird things, and I’m sure they’re having a blast doing it. Treating beer with irreverence is what got them this far. Why stop now?


2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Have a Problem with Brewdog Fishhead Conceptual Beers and Failed Experiments

  1. I second BBB’s comment, although this beer reeks of gimmick-iness. I suppose this is where the reputation of the brewery comes into play – a “moon dust” ale from Samuel Adams sounds very different from a “moon dust” ale from Dogfish Head, but still… Moon dust? Really?

  2. It’s like those restaurants that serve food that looks like a pile of poop. If people like it, whatever.

    Personally, I’ll drink anything that tastes good, but I don’t feel the need to seek out this kind of stuff because it does have a gimmicky feel to it. If i came across one, though, and liked it the gimmick of it wouldn’t prevent me from drinking a second.

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