Session #80 – Announcement

The Session, or Beer Blogging Friday, is an activity where beer bloggers from around the world get together (not literally) to write their own perspective on a single topic. Each month, the Session is hosted by a different beer blogger, and I will be taking my turn for Session #80, on Friday October 4th.

Session #80 – Is Craft Beer a Bubble?

It’s a good time to be in the craft beer industry. The big brewers are watching their market share get chipped away by the purveyors of well-made lagers and ales. Craft breweries are popping up like weeds.

This growth begs the question: is craft beer a bubble? Many in the industry are starting to wonder when, and more importantly how, the growth is going to stop. Is craft beer going to reach equilibrium and stabilize, or is the bubble just going to keep growing until it bursts?

I look forward to reading everyone’s opinions about this. I have an opinion of my own, of course, but you’ll have to wait until October 4th to find out which way I lean.

I’ll be sending out a reminder toward the end of the month. Make sure to leave your contributions as a comment here or send them to @derekgharrison on Twitter to be included in the round-up.


45 thoughts on “Session #80 – Announcement

  1. I agree with Nate that craft brewing is mature enough not to tolerate vanity projects with its implication of indifferent products or perhaps good products indifferently marketed or financed. But there is no bubble where excellent products will be made and nurtured with a responsible business plan. I repeat: excellent products. There is a lot of beer out there but enough truly great beer. Those who can produce a consistently great beer and get it before the public will do well; to that extent there is no bubble, IMO.


  2. It’s hard to tell how close you are to the cliff’s edge until you fall off. Once you hit the bottom, it was all so obvious.

    To the extent that the explosive growth in craft beer is based upon predictions (or dreams, gut feelings, delusions, etc.) of continued growth, not on fundamental analysis of realistic operating cash flows, craft beer meets the basic definition of a “bubble.”

    I think it’s more useful to consider craft beer as two fairly discrete groups: “real businesses” and “vanity projects.” The “real businesses” will continue to grow and thrive through the bubble, The vanity projects, those with no strategy, no competence, no competitive advantage, no idea how to manage a manufacturing corporation, will fold as soon as the bubble bursts.

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