Alexander Keith Reacquaints Himself with the Hop

I recently wrote an article for The Windsor Independent wherein I vent my frustration with the hypocritical, tasteless brewery that is Alexander Keith’s. SPOILER ALERT: Their IPA isn’t an IPA, their Premier White isn’t a white beer, and their Hop Series is scarcely hoppy at all...


Keith’s Brewery in Halifax

Alexander Keith Reacquaints Himself with the Hop
Originally published June 20, 2013

This is not an announcement. Thanks to the advertising machine that is modern “macro” beer, everybody and their mother already knows about the Alexander Keith’s Hop Series. I’m not here to tell you about that. I’m here to tell you about how the Hop Series is just one more example of how little shit Keith’s gives about beer.

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3 thoughts on “Alexander Keith Reacquaints Himself with the Hop

  1. I too was they typical American tourist fooled by Keiths IPA. Three years ago I took a trip to Calgary to attend one of my best friends wedding. The day before well all met up at The Belfry in Calgary for some drinks. Being the west coast California native i am I say ‘Alexander Keiths IPA’. I was in Canada and darn it I wanted to try (what I thought) Canadian craft beer.( I wasnt familiar with the brand before)
    When my beer showed up, I thought the waitress brought me the wrong beer. Immediately, just by the color of the beer I said to her ‘ Um this isnt an IPA, I think you brought me the wrong beer’. She was confused and as i took I quick sip it confirmed my suspicion that this was in fact not even close to an IPA. I again said to her ‘I think you brought me the wrong beer, this isnt an IPA’. By this time the poor waitress was very confused, took my beer back to the bar, came back and said ” sir I brought you the right beer’
    Now I was confused! Suffice to say another Canadian friend of mine had just shown up and knew I was a craft beer drank and he politely told me about the bogus claim of the Alexander Keiths IPA.

    • They’re one of the biggest and oldest breweries in Canada, founded in 1820, now owned by AB-InBev, and their “IPA” is consistently one of the ten best-selling beers in the country, as well-recognized as Bud, Molson and Coors.

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